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How slow motion video modes work on smartphones?

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If you want to learn how to capture great slow-motion videos, we are going to tell you how these modes work on smartphones. Nowadays, the cameras that come equipped in smartphones have become one of the most valuable assets when choosing a new phone. Because smartphones are not only capable of taking great pictures but they also offer very promising video features.

What can you do with slow motion video modes?

For those who do not know or have not had the pleasure of trying this feature on their smartphones, this option allows you to capture different scenes that are practically imperceptible to our eye with maximum sharpness.

It is also true that in recent years all mobile devices have advanced so much that they come standard with increasingly complete editing modes. The only downside is that to record this type of video we will have to know how it works and the different options that exist today.

How slow motion video modes work on smartphones?

It is important to know that slow motion recording achieves a unique visual effect, which basically comes from slowing down the action in order to capture more details. For this, the videos must have more images per second than in a simple recording. This gives the user the feeling that the scene is longer than usual and is slower.

The good thing is that today, most of the smarthones that we can find in the market have this recording mode. Although, it will also depend on the additional settings that are included in the camera of a particular device.

How slow motion video modes work on smartphones?
How slow motion video modes work on smartphones?

Depending on the mobile phone you have, you can find the following slow motion recording modes:

  • 4X (120 fps) and 8X (240 fps): With both modes, we will be able to capture different fast movements and make them look cinematic.
  • 32X (960 fps): This mode will be perfect to capture those movements or objects that move at a higher speed. For example, the falling of water drops or the bursting of a bubble.
  • 64X (1920 fps): If we raise the bar a little higher, we will find this mode. This mode is ideal for capturing objects moving at high speed.
  • 256X (7680 fps): With this mode, we will be able to record any type of explosion and event that occurs almost instantaneously. We will be able to turn 0.12 seconds of video into 32 seconds.

It is necessary to know how to choose the mode for each shot

We must always keep in mind that each speed has a different resolution, so the purpose for which we are going to use the slow motion video mode will also vary. And as mentioned above, depending on the smartphone we have, we can have different options.

In addition, we must take into account that when we record at more “fps” the more space the video will occupy in the storage of the mobile phone and, therefore, the faster or slower the processing time will be. And the shooting window also has an influence, as it is directly related to the recording quality. What does this mean? Well, the more frames per second you have, the higher the quality is.

Keep a close eye on the movements

It must be said that a slow motion video without movement would not make any sense. However, you should always keep those movements in mind, since when recording in this mode all movements will be magnified. Many people even recommend planning the scenes you want to shoot, this way the footage will be better.

How slow motion video modes work on smartphones?
How slow motion video modes work on smartphones?

This way, each of the movements can be truly appreciated and you will be able to reproduce videos with different situations in a surprising way. So, if you want to record something in slow motion, you will have to shoot fast movements.

Light will be your ally

Keep in mind that when you record slow motion videos with a smartphone, you have to keep in mind that the main friend of this type of recording is the light. For this type of video, a low ISO is necessary. When the light starts to fail the video will continue recording, but each frame will have a greater flicker. That is why it will always be essential to have enough light to capture better videos.

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