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Apple to officially release iOS 14.5 next week

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Although we expected an official presentation of iOS 14.5 at the keynote, Apple only highlighted the significant advancement of iOS and iPadOS 14 at the software level, in addition to the power of macOS Big Sur on the Mac. However, iOS 14.5 is one of the biggest updates to date that includes very important new features. The company has announced that the iOS 14.5 will be released next week.

Apple is going to launch iOS 14.5 soon

The betas of this update have been with us for several months. Over the past few weeks, the number of betas for developers has increased in order to polish all the new features. Yesterday the Release Candidate version was launched, which is the almost final version of the operating system unless serious bugs are found. The release of this update for developers suggests that the company wants to release iOS 14.5 as soon as possible.

In fact, we know that the company plans to release the update next week thanks to some clarifications in the product press releases introduced yesterday:

“Beyond that, the Apple Podcasts app is also getting an improved Search tab that will offer categories and Top Charts. All of these new Apple Podcasts features will be available with iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and macOS 11.3. Episodes you save are also available on watchOS 7.4 and tvOS 14.5.”

Apple to officially release iOS 14.5 next week
iPhone’s will receive iOS 14.5 next week

In this case, the press release corresponds to the new features integrated within the Apple Podcasts ecosystem with the new design and new subscription features. These features will only be available with new updates to all Apple systems. In addition to this new feature, the update will bring some very interesting things:

  • Support for initializing AirTags.
  • Unlocking the iPhone using the Apple Watch.
  • The arrival of the App Tracking Transparency.
  • New emojis.
  • Ability to change Siri’s voice.

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