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Samsung would launch its new foldable cell phones in July

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New reports point to the arrival of new foldable phones from Samsung, such as a new Galaxy Fold 3 or a new Galaxy Z Flip 2. Both would arrive this summer.

While the future in which we had foldable phones has become a reality, the pace of launches has slowed down a lot, especially due to the pandemic. Thanks to Samsung we can buy all kinds of foldable phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Z Flip. Soon their renovations will arrive.

Or at least, so explains The Elec. The portal claims that Samsung would be ready to launch the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2, it’s new two-foldable. It would do so in July, shortly after the Apple event in which it is rumored to give clues about its mixed reality glasses.

Substantial design changes are expected in both models and hardware changes. Without going any further, Elec itself hints that changes would be made to the autonomy, returning to the Z Fold 3 the original battery with 4,380mAh of the original Fold and changes in the screen, with reduced sizes.

New Samsung foldable phones

According to The Elec’s data, the Z Fold 3’s display would become smaller, overall. The outer one would measure 6.2 inches while the inner folding one, 7.5. In other words, the overall device would be smaller. But there’s a reason for this; there would be an increase in refresh rate, making it smoother to use.

Samsung would launch July its new foldable cell phones
Samsung would launch July its new foldable cell phones

The Z Flip would run the fate of the Fold 3, with a smaller battery. It would go from 3,300 mAh to 3,200mAh, which while it would not change the result of battery life too much, would still be a cut in hardware. The intention of these reductions would be another and is that Samsung seeks to make these phones easier to store and carry.

Among other things, the Z Fold 3 would be compatible with Samsung’s S-Pen, and the Z Flip 2 would not, but in exchange, it would have some of the most important improvements of the Fold 3, such as its increased refresh rate. The idea behind all these changes is that these phones would be cheaper and thus make up for the lack of the Note range.

This is expected to be the first year in Samsung’s history that the Galaxy Note will not be launched, due to chip shortages and associated pandemic problems around the world. Normally, Galaxy Note’s are introduced in August, and these phones would arrive in July. Therefore, these foldable would come to take the place of this year’s Galaxy Note.

Fortunately, Samsung did not completely rule out the death of the Note range, as although Samsung’s S range is inheriting some of its main advantages, it is still a family of phones with its own identity. It remains to be seen if these plans stick in the long term and Samsung’s Z Fold and Flip replace these iconic phones.

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