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Samsung expects to sell 2,5 million units of Galaxy Z Flip

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Samsung is optimistic and believes that its new foldable phone Galaxy Z Flip will sell 2.5 million units during 2020.
The figure is 5 times higher than what Galaxy Fold has sold.

Galaxy Z Flip is one of Samsung’s big bets now. The South Korean manufacturer took advantage of the Oscars to show its new folding phone. The Korea Herald reported that Samsung has such an optimism, they prepare an initial shipment of 500,000 units of the Galaxy Z Flip for distribution in select countries.

The forecast of 2.5 million seems risky if we consider that the Galaxy Fold sales has not exceeded 1 million. And not long ago, the president of Samsung had revealed that the folding phone had beaten that mark, only to retract it a day later arguing that everything had been a misunderstanding.

The truth is that many things about the Galaxy Z Flip is different from the Galaxy Fold. The new foldable will be launched by a more experienced Samsung. And ike Huawei, Samsung’s first foldable was launched in limited units that were not available for all regions.

The price was another inconvenience to achieve a sales record, since few people were willing to invest $2,000 in a phone which many people were not sure whether it will work.

Is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip a guaranteed success?

If the Galaxy Z Flip is offered at an attractive price level and with better features than its seemingly best competitor now, Motorola Razr 2019, Samsung may achieve success in sales. Even so, some analysts believe that betting on 2.5 million units is too optimistic, half of that would be a more accurate figure.

The latest rumors hours before its presentation indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will include a 6.7-inch Full HD+ foldable AMOLED screen. In terms of back cameras, a 12 MP f / 1.8, accompanied by a wide angle of 12 MP f / 2.2 will be on the unit. The front camera will be punch hole and have only 10 MP resolution.

Inside Z Flip, we will find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB UFS 3.0 storage and 3,300 mAh battery. The phone will have Android 10 and a retail price of $1,400-$1,500.

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