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Facebook launched its Clubhouse alternative called Hotline

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Facebook’s development team, NPE Team, launched a new project called Hotline, this Q&A application mixes a bit of Clubhouse with Instagram Live, with the aim of creating new user experiences.

The name of the experimental application is called Hotline and it is only available in the United States, for now, it is expected to be launched worldwide.

How does Hotline work?

The tool works from its website where the user can register with their Twitter account, being directed to a waiting list that will receive an invitation to access the platform to create their first sessions.

From this new platform, it will be possible to create audio rooms to hold debates or share ideas, as is already done in Clubhouse and as Twitter Space is replicating.

Facebook’s new attempt as an alternative to Clubhouse

With the popularity of Clubhouse worldwide, all platforms started a race to add audio and video room features to their applications.

Twitter took the lead by announcing Twitter Spaces, while Telegram implemented this feature in its groups or channels in January, and Facebook started working on Instagram and Facebook social networks as such.

This is Hotline: Facebook's alternative to Clubhouse is launched
This is Hotline: Facebook’s alternative to Clubhouse is launched

However, many are surprised that now with Hotline, Mark Zuckerberg‘s company is starting a separate platform to offer the same features.

The development team behind Hotline is an experimental branch of Facebook where any type of application is developed until it reaches its beta phase.

Through “NPE Team, From Facebook”, the company behind the most important social network in the world, launches multiple applications. At the moment, little is known about Hotline:

  • To open an account requires a Twitter account and a phone number.
  • You will be able to request events
  • Events will be recorded
  • You can ask questions to speakers
  • It is not available as an iPhone app

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