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Skills that every marketer should have in a post-covid world

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Every marketer should have these skills in a post-covid world. Adaptability, continuous learning, and creativity are some of the skills that marketing professionals will need to overlap the most.

Skills that every marketer should have in a post-covid world

The last few months strongly marked by the coronavirus pandemic have translated into a process of constant reinvention and learning for marketing and advertising professionals.

During this time, the industry has suffered a severe blow that has brought about numerous changes both in consumer behavior and within companies. As a result, professionals have had to draw on their ability to adapt as never before.

But what additional skills will marketers need to continue to meet the challenges of this era and navigate a post-pandemic world?

Skills that every marketer should have in a post-covid world
Skills that every marketer should have in a post-covid world

Here’s a look at some of the skills every marketer will need to develop, as listed by Adweek, starting with the mother of them all:


Agility has become an indispensable requirement to successfully overcome the countless challenges brought on by the pandemic. Agencies, brands, and organizations increasingly need agile professionals, capable of learning how new platforms work, adopting a new approach or work environment, and interacting with the public in times of crisis.

Cultural relevance

Given consumers’ demand for entertainment, brands will need to take advantage of culturally relevant moments to launch their messages in the right place at the right time.

Crisis communication

Knowing how to handle a crisis both online and offline has become a critical skill for professionals. “Training, education, and support for professionals are critical to mental health and professional well-being. Actions speak louder than words, and understanding how you respond and react to a crisis is as important (or more so) than how you prepare for a crisis,” they note from the media outlet.

Community management

Communities are the foundation for creating an environment of learning, growth, and leadership. The key is not only to come together to support others related to a particular brand but also to come together around a particular topic to exchange ideas for growth.

Continuous learning

Constant learning and recycling are another “must” for professionals. Courses, workshops, webinars, and all kinds of seminars will allow them to add knowledge to achieve their professional goals.


Creativity is essential when it comes to bringing to life new stories and different perspectives to connect with your community. At this point, Adweek reminds us that Generation Z is one of the most creative audiences in history. This skill should be applied to all types of content developed under the brand umbrella, from a short video on social networks to more traditional content. This is how strong relationships and memorable experiences will be forged.


Empathy has always been one of the essential skills for marketers, but its importance has been more than proven during the pandemic. Being aware of the good and bad times, creating actions to support our community, and understanding that we are in this together will continue to be crucial in the industry.

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