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Pixel Buds A: Google’s new wireless earbuds for all audiences

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Pixel Buds A has been listed by Google itself and points to a new version of its series of wireless headphones, in this case, low cost aimed at entry levels.

The Pixel 5a is on the launch ramp to reinforce a range of smartphones that has lost quite a few sales since its inception and that only seem to maintain the appeal by Google’s support in software and updates, the best of any manufacturer of the many that work with Android.

The phone will not arrive alone. An astute editor of 9to5Google has located some Pixel Buds A that Google itself has shown in a promotional mail of the hardware devices it sells in the Google Store.

The Pixel Buds A already went through the FCC and here we previewed them for you, but this is the first time Google is showing them off. Not explicitly, but enough for some keen eyes. The image shows color variations on the earbuds and charging dock, a dark green finish that doesn’t exist on the current models, and the external charging indicator is located in a different position. They have also removed the black plastic areas that were located inside the case and on the ear tips.

Pixel Buds A, Google's new wireless earbuds for all audiences
Pixel Buds A, Google’s new wireless earbuds for all audiences

Undoubtedly it is a new model that should arrive substantially reduced in price as all the series that Google labels as “A”. It will be its greatest virtue among an offer of wireless headphones that do not stop increasing as mobile manufacturers are ceasing to deliver the basic wired ones and users are looking for something of greater comfort and quality because there are excellent models in this product range.

It will be interesting to see how Google lowers the price of these Pixel Buds A to make them competitive considering that the current ones are already missing some of the features available in the competition, such as active noise cancellation and spatial audio. Some users have also complained about connectivity issues with the existing set.

Google should solve them with these Pixel Buds A that point to launch alongside the Pixel 5a smartphone with a price that must be lowered mandatorily below the barrier of $200.

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