Oppo reveals its Wireless Air Charging technology

OPPO reveals its Wireless Air Charging technology

With an official Twitter post, Oppo reveals its wireless air charging technology. Xiaomi seems to have caught everyone by surprise with the presentation of Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, a completely wireless home charging solution without a charging base. Shortly after this presentation, Motorola announced that it is working on a similar solution too.

Wireless Air Charging by Oppo is revealed

The company is showing the evolution of its wireless phone charging system at MWC 2021 in Shanghai. It is called Wireless Air Charging, it promises (as seen in the video) to charge a smartphone wirelessly without placing it on a cradle.

The video shows an Oppo X 2021, the brand’s phone with the rollable screen, resting on what appears to be a charging base. A person takes the smartphone in hand and the device continues to charge despite not being in contact with the base.

Unfortunately, the brand has not provided more technical details of this new technology beyond those that come out in these videos so we will still have to wait a bit until we know the charging speed, the distance at which we can work, etc.

It is likely that during the presentation of the OPPO Find X3, we can have more details of this new wireless charging system and learn more about its operation to place it in the market among other technologies.

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