TikTok tests a new feature for recipe videos

TikTok tests a new feature for recipe videos

TikTok wants to boost videos that share cooking recipes with a new feature, thanks to one of its integrations with third parties.

So if you like to watch and try recipes shared on TikTok, keep an eye on the platform’s new dynamic.

You will be able to save recipes from TikTok

Recipe videos are one of the favorite contents on TikTok. The creators show you in a few seconds how to make a fabulous recipe with few ingredients or in a short time. But maybe it has happened to you that at the moment of putting the recipe into practice you are left with some doubts… like the number of ingredients, the cooking time, the proportions, etc.

TikTok is testing a new dynamic that could solve this problem for those who are fans of recipes. A dynamic that is implemented thanks to TikTok’s partnership with Whisk. One of the favorite apps for those looking for a resource to save and organize the recipes they find on the web. And of course, it has social features for sharing recipes with friends and contacts.

TikTok thinks that partnering with Whisk is an ideal way to boost recipe videos. This feature is still in the testing stage, but the dynamics it proposes are very simple. The creator will be able to link videos with the recipe found in the Whisk app.

You can see an example in some of the recipe videos shared by @feelgoodfoodie, as you can see in the images:

TikTok tests a new feature for recipe videos
TikTok tests a new feature for recipe videos

The TikTok video follows the dynamics we already know, with full speed directions to have a recipe in a few seconds, but with a link to the full recipe hosted on Whisk. So those users who want to see the full recipe can follow the link.

There they will see the preparation time, cooking time, instructions, etc. And if the recipe was taken from a website, then you will find the link to the source website. And all this with the bonus of saving the recipe in Whisk with all the advantages offered by the app.

For the moment, it seems to be available only with some selected creators, but if the dynamic meets the expectations it could be extended to more users.

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