CD Projekt RED case: Gwent’s source code published

CD Projekt RED case Gwent's source code published

The cybercriminals who raided CD Projekt RED’s servers kept their threat and published online the source code of one of their games, Gwent, The Witcher card game. Subsequently, they have sold the source code for Cyberpunk 2077 to the highest bidder.

CD Projekt RED’s response to the extortion received after the Ransomware attack came as a surprise in tech and cybersecurity media. The video game company behind titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 not only refused to pay but immediately acknowledged the security incident and published the “ransom” note, typical extortion in this type of attack, left by the hackers.

The response was courageous and transparent. And even more valuable considering the company’s current problems due to the failed launch of its latest game: Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, it had its risks and consequences that are already occurring.

The attackers not only encrypted files from the company’s servers as in a typical Ransomware attack but also stole internal company information and what may be more serious, source code from previous and upcoming games in development.

Source code exposed: Trouble for CD Projekt RED

A file named “CDProject Leak #1” was posted on a popular hacking site and uploaded to the MEGA hosting service. It allegedly included the source code for the video game Gwent. Included in the package was a “readme” file indicating that more leaks will be forthcoming.

Based on the metadata, it appears that the hack and specifically the leak or transfer of data to the storage service occurred last Saturday after CD Projekt RED flatly refused to pay the extortion.

CD Projekt RED case Gwent's source code published
CD Projekt RED case Gwent’s source code published

As far as is known so far, the assailants have stolen the source code for The Witcher 3, the next-gen RTX builds of Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Thronebreaker, as well as private company documents.

One of the pirates had assured on the same forum that on the 11th they would start selling the codes of these games to the highest bidder, in an auction that requires 0.1 BTC (about $4,500) to participate. According to some sources, the source code of Cyberpunk 2077 has already been sold for a very high price.

CD Projekt RED has been brave and an example for the industry not to feed the ‘beast’ that Ransomware has become, but it may have serious problems depending on where it ends up with the source codes of its next developments.

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