iPhone can finally be unlocked with a facemask on

iPhone can finally be unlocked with a face mask on

iPhone can finally be unlocked with a facemask on.

While it is true that Face ID has become a very secure alternative, it is no less true that it has its drawbacks; Something we have seen firsthand during this global pandemic.

Since Face ID uses the front cameras and sensors to scan our face, it is unable to identify us if we have a mask covering half of it; So if we use a modern iPhone, we have no choice but to enter the unlock code.

Although Apple minimized this annoyance with an update that allowed face mask detection to display the passcode screen more quickly, it is still necessary to enter the passcode.

The next version of iOS for the iPhone will allow unlocking with the facemask, something that until now was impossible because of the way Face ID works.

Unlocking with the facemask

That will end with iOS 13.5, the next version that has already reached ‘beta’ for developers and is therefore only a few weeks away from release. Among the new features, the most important is a new type of face mask facial unlock.

Indeed, in no time our iPhone will recognize us with a face mask and we will be able to unlock the phone to use it as before. There is only one ‘but’: You will have to use an Apple Watch at the same time.

iPhone can finally be unlocked with a face mask on
iPhone can finally be unlocked with a face mask on

Using only the parts that are not covered by the mask would be too dangerous, and would open the door for an attacker to unlock the phone. The fewer parts of the face that are analyzed, the less accurate the identification will be.

How will it work?

To keep Face ID secure, Apple has decided to add a second authentication method that will ensure that it is us. The unlock will work only if we have an Apple Watch on our wrist, and it is already unlocked. In that case, we will only have to look at our iPhone to activate Face ID and unlock the mobile.

At that moment, Apple Watch will vibrate to indicate that the unlocking was successful. From then on, we can also block the cell phone directly with the Apple Watch, in case we think someone has tried to get in.

For all intents and purposes, Apple is lowering Face ID security, but with the Apple Watch as a safeguard. However, this will only work for unlocking the mobile; All other functions that require our face, such as purchasing an app from the App Store, will not work with Face ID.

In addition to this important new feature, iOS 13.5 is expected to add support for the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 controllers for iPhone and iPad.

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