Samsung is working on a rotating pop-up camera

Samsung's rotating, a pop-up camera that it is working on

A patent reveals that Samsung is working on a rotating pop-up camera.

It is not the first time that Samsung surprises us with a smartphone thanks to its rotating bed, we could already see it in the Samsung Galaxy A80, a smartphone that made a difference in the premium mid-range. Now two years later we come across a patent that reveals a new design, with a rotating pop-up camera from Samsung that could also be aimed at the A series according to the information.

Samsung’s best-selling range of devices is the A-series and which is often used as first releases in alternative developments as in this case, with talk of a Galaxy A82 beginning. Through the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) this patent has been filed, which includes in great detail a mechanism for anything simple, now we also know from the hand of Concepts Creators a series of images that let us know how this mechanism would be.

How will Samsung’s rotating pop-up camera work?

The mechanism developed and proposed by Samsung tries to hide the cameras in the body of the device. It will always be visible on the back but only shows on the front when deployed and rotated. A small motor is in charge of rotating the cameras in the desired position and positioning them according to the user’s wishes. Although it seems to be a good solution to leave the screen without any kind of notch, we will have to know the development of the cameras under the screen to know if this makes sense.

Samsung's rotating, a pop-up camera that it is working on
Samsung’s rotating, a pop-up camera that it is working on

The idea includes three rear cameras, not all of which could be used for selfies, as the entire pop-up module would be more likely to be damaged in the event of a fall. Previously we have already seen in other popularized models such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T, that the pop-up camera was able to hide automatically in unexpected situations, and here the same could happen. For now, the design shown includes a fully circular set of lenses for easy swiveling, although in known concepts the format has been changed.

Might be an alternative for under-screen cameras

Considering that pop-up cameras have already proven to be an interesting option, the combination of this mechanism together with a fingerprint sensor under the display or on the side could cause unlocking to be instant without having to use Samsung’s face unlock, and the photographic results would be better than with under-screen cameras. We are still a bit far from seeing this model in operation, but the idea and the concept make us think of a solution that could be successful.

Between now and its presentation, we should see more leaks and details of the mechanisms for Samsung’s rotating camera, in addition to being an idea that other manufacturers may be interested in imitating. Other times we come across unrealistic patents or that are unlikely to become reality in a few months, but this Samsung Galaxy A82 project is gaining momentum.

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