Epic Games delivered 749 million free games in 2020

Epic Games, delivered 749 million free games in 2020. We are used to seeing them every week, we’ve practically internalized the fact that the Epic Games Store gives us one, two, or even three free games every week. With more than 160 million accounts currently registered on the platform, this figure is really impressive but not really surprising.

Users claimed 749 million free games from Epic Games Store in 2020

The company has shared a small summary of its 2020 results, 103 free games in total have been distributed during the last year ($2,407 in total if you would buy them all) and users claimed 749 million digital copies. Although it is true that we would have liked to know a little more detail, especially after the enormous impact of some of the games distributed such as GTA V, Borderlands 3, or A Total War Saga: Troy.

That said, Epic Games’ free games campaign is far from over, the company has already shared its intention to continue offering free weekly games throughout 2021, with the occasional special surprise.

Epic Games delivered 749 million free games in 2020
Epic Games delivered 749 million free games in 2020

Epic Games continues to grow at a very promising pace

Beyond all the free games, users spent over $700 million on the store, third-party games only accounted for 37% (with approximately $265 million), proving that the platform’s main attraction continues to be its exclusive games. Among the most popular games in 2020, we saw several titles from other developers that have recently joined the platform.

Thus, game time also increased by 70%, reaching 5.7 billion hours of gameplay, showing that the Epic Games Store continues to enjoy strong growth. Competition between Steam, Epic Games, and other companies is a good thing for gamers in general, who doesn’t enjoy free games or great discounts?

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