Some Xiaomi models are having problems with MIUI 12 update

MIUI 12 problems still awaiting resolution and the models most affected

Some Xiaomi models are having problems with MIUI 12 update, we have gathered the common problems and which phones are getting them in this article.

When Xiaomi announced the MIUI 12 last year, it was accompanied by a long list of compatible devices. This does not mean that all devices will receive the same news, even in the same version of Android. That makes the headaches continuous for the software engineers, who must solve an endless list of reports.

MIUI 12 failures can come in several layers, from a problem generated by the software itself, the combination of the software with hardware compatibility problems, to more specific cases in specific areas or models. Many of these bugs are solved, but minor ones may never be solved. At this point, the most recent and serious case was the Xiaomi Mi A3, after its upgrade to Android 11, leaving many terminals unusable.

Which phones are having problems in MIUI 12?

As we say some devices have more or fewer failures and specific models whose list is very long. In Piunikaweb they collect many of these problems and we can see how a great majority have not been solved. Terminals such as the Xiaomi MI 9T, the Poco F1, or the Redmi Note 8 Pro, are the protagonists of a large number of these reported bugs, which are waiting to be solved.

MIUI 12 problems still awaiting resolution and the models most affected
MIUI 12 problems still awaiting resolution and the models most affected

All these phones, working with MIUI 12, have problems of lesser or greater severity, but all affect the experience negatively. The severity also depends on the use of each user, since it is not the same as a failure in the Bluetooth for someone who never uses this connectivity, as for someone vital to be connected by this method.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

The Mi 9T is one of the most affected phones after the arrival of the MIUI 12. Many problems have not been solved like the ones described below.

  • Problems with WhatsApp texts that are not displayed correctly
  • Problems with gestures that don’t work sometimes
  • Status bar icons disappear with Dark Mode
  • The old gesture to switch applications and the Google Bottom Bar is not available to some users
  • The screen flashes sometimes when unlocking
  • AOD mode shows AM and PM hours in 24-hour mode
  • Blocking animation fails when tapping twice
  • WhatsApp Notification Sounds Failed

Redmi Note 8 Pro

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is another term that has not been well suited for the MIUI 12.

  • The watermark on the device is incorrect.
  • Problem with the transparency of the gesture bar
  • Connected device list fails and access point lock option
  • Notification tone fails at times
  • Faults with GPay
  • Problems with notifications on WhatsApp

Pocophone F1

It is one of the veterans that have been updated to MIUI 12. It is still a very powerful phone and one of the best results until the expected version arrived. Problems soon appeared after the upgrade to the MIUI 12.

  • Control center shortcuts restored to the change of theme
  • Problem with launcher update frequency Little
  • Notifications are not displayed
  • The notification panel does not open on the first slide
  • When screen recording starts, the control center cannot be opened
  • Overheating problem when recording at 4K at 60fps
  • 4K videos cannot be processed in the gallery’s integrated video editor
  • The video editor’s reverse gesture does not work
  • The sound effect is restored with each reset of the machine.

Updates might fix the bugs

Software updates should fix many of these bugs, at least the ones that burden the experience the most in order of importance or reporting. However, brands do not usually complicate much with the more veteran phones, investing software resources. This often causes users to want to downgrade and go back to an older, more mature version or the version with which the phone was released.

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