WhatsApp vs iMessage: The differences between both instant messaging apps

WhatsApp vs iMessage 5 differences between both instant messaging applications

In this article we will tell you the differences between WhatsApp and iMessage. Although both are good platforms to communicate, it is clear that each one brings advantages over the other.

WhatsApp vs iMessage

Today there are different messaging applications, some more popular than others, such as WhatsApp, the most used in the world, and on the other hand, there is iMessage from Apple.

WhatsApp vs iMessage 5 differences between both instant messaging applications
WhatsApp vs iMessage 5 differences between both instant messaging applications

While WhatsApp and iMessage have the same purpose, which is to communicate in real-time, it is clear that there are differences between them and here we explain those details.

WhatsApp vs iMessage: The differences between two instant messaging apps

Video calls and accessibility

One of the big differences between the two applications, and which puts WhatsApp ahead of the rest, is that with this platform you can make video or voice calls, which cannot be done with iMessage unless you install another app such as FaceTime.

However, this is not a concern for users who have an iPhone, but at the same time is a problem for the general evaluation of the app that is not available for Android.


As far as security is concerned, WhatsApp has always left a lot to be desired in this respect. Although it is the most popular among messaging applications, it is far from being the most secure.

Concerning iMessage, in this case, the iPhone factory application takes advantage.

One of the main features of iMessage is its great security system due to the message encryption it has. On the other hand, security flaws have been evident on several occasions.


Another area where iMessage takes advantage is in the design of its interface. WhatsApp has always been a bit poor at this point, and although over time Facebook has improved it, other applications, and in this case iMessage, is ahead, with a much more attractive look.

Also, it takes advantage of functionality in general.


Both can be used with emojis, but at the time of sending them, it may seem less complicated with WhatsApp. Also, it allows you to send many other effects and multimedia content such as Stickers that makes it much more dynamic.

Delete messages

As for message removal, WhatsApp offers more variants than iMessage. With the iPhone app, you can only delete the messages from your mobile, while in WhatsApp you can delete them from your mobile and the other user.