Mi Box 4S Pro is presented: specs, price and release date

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro is presented: specs, price and release date

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro is presented and we will talk about its specs, price and release date. A week after presenting its new My Box 4S, Xiaomi has launched a much more interesting model in China. It is the Mi Box 4S Pro, apparently the same as the multimedia player we already knew but with a leap in content playback, connectivity and memory. The Mi Box 4S Pro is the first device from Xiaomi to add support for 8K video, a resolution that for the moment will only be found on higher-end televisions.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro specs

This is not the first device with Android TV and 8K resolution from Xiaomi, as at the end of September they presented the TV Master Extreme. However, these are two completely different products. With the Mi Box 4S Pro what we have is an accessory to connect to the TV. That allows you to use an Android TV that you can control with a remote and access the Internet.

The device promises to have the ability to decode 8K video to be able to enjoy the ultra-high definition. However, it is convenient to remember that the capacities of these players are limited by the TV itself. That is to say, to watch 8K videos you will have to have an 8K TV. This device will only allow you to take advantage of all the capabilities of the television and play videos in this quality.

The new features of this Mi Box 4S Pro are inside the device, with new hardware that promises to “significantly improve video decoding capacity, transmission speed and storage space”. These new features may involve a new internal chipset, but that doesn’t have to mean much better system performance. We have 2GB RAM memory available.

The storage will be 16GB, twice as much as in the Mi Box 4S, while the design aesthetically has not changed. We will have a Bluetooth remote control with voice control through which we will be able to manage the TV, which comes with ‘MIUI for TV’, the China-focused customization layer of Android TV.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro is presented: specs, price and release date

Xiaomi Mi Box 4S Pro price and release date

But the most important new feature of this Mi Box 4S Pro is the arrival of HDMI 2.1, necessary if we really want to enjoy 8K video. This is not the first multimedia player that incorporates it, as there are some models like the Orbsmart S86 that also add it. It is good news that a manufacturer like Xiaomi helps to popularize it, thanks to its competitive price.

The new Xiaomi My Box 4S Pro will be available in China from November 5 at an official price of 399 yuan, about 110 yuan more expensive than the Box 4S model. With the current exchange rate, it will be around $60. We will inform you when we get more details.