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The new Photoshop Camera update adds several new functions

The new Photoshop Camera update adds several new functions. Photoshop Camera is an application that allows you to easily edit your photos, obtaining a very creative style thanks to its filters and compositions. The best part is they keep the application updated and add new features. Adobe now launches version 1.1 with a series of improvements that allow a better experience on Android.

What’s new in the Photoshop Camera update?

With this new Photoshop Camera update, the application is capable of distinguishing between the cameras on the phone, thus enabling them in capture mode. This is something that will allow you to take pictures with the secondary wide-angle camera of the phone. This option is located on the side of the screen, where you have two circular buttons, to switch between the main camera and the wide-angle one.


They also add a timer with the new Photoshop Camera update. It is hidden in the options, and it allows you to choose a countdown for a photo to be taken. At the moment, you can choose between three and ten seconds with this timer in the application. Adobe has also promised the new update will bring better recognition of objects in low light scenes. This has been made possible by Adobe Sensei, the AI in charge of the process, which is now more accurate.

The new version of Adobe Photoshop Camera is now available for free download at the Play Store. In addition, you can also install this new version on your phone from APK Mirror, if the new version has not been released in your region. In this article, we learned what’s new in the latest update of Adobe Photoshop Camera application.