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Fake Airpods at American customs are actually Oneplus Buds

Faux pas at American customs: alleged fake Airpods are actually Oneplus Buds

Two weeks ago, the US customs authorities allegedly seized fake Airpods worth $400,000. The border guards are apparently mistaken.

From the point of view of the US Customs Service CBP, it was a huge success. Alleged fake Airpods worth around $400,000 landed on John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. They were meant to be transported to Nevada after they had been delivered by plane from Hong Kong. The officials were so pleased that they had to officially announce it by tweet.

Alleged fake Apple Airpods are actually Oneplus Buds

In a press release, the authority praised itself for their success. The agency has a 2019 track record showing a total $1.5 billion worth goods seized.

Regardless of their other successes, the CBP has obviously embarrassed itself with the Airpods incident. After all, the customs officers had taken photos of evidence, which are shown in both the tweet and the press release.

When looking at these photos, the technology enthusiasts realize at a glance that the headphones shown are not Airpods. So far, the CBP is correct. However, that does not mean that they are fake products. As the photos clearly show, these are Oneplus Buds, the new headphones from the Chinese manufacturer Oneplus from the BBK Group.

We are not sure how the customs authorities came up with the idea that these products were fake, considering the devices were clearly labeled under their own name and they were in the official Oneplus packages.