How to create memojis: follow these steps

How to create memojis: follow these steps
How to create memojis: follow these steps

In this article we will show you how to create memojis.

What is a memoji?

Memojis are personalized drawings, larger than emojis, that serve to reflect the personality or the mood of a user by representing their own features. You can create memojis from scratch but with the possibility of adding accessories, skin tones, eye color and your own hair, to make them more similar to you.

How to create memojis?

The Memojis originally appeared on iOS for applications, although Android also allows you to create them. We will show you how to create a memoji both on iOS and Android.

Create memojis in iOS

When using iOS 13 or iPad OS, the automatically created memoji is added to the system sticker pack, allowing it to be used in any application with just one keystroke. But of course, before you have to create it, we will tell you how.

  • Open «Messages» and press the «Compose» button. This allows you to create a message or you can just enter into an existing chat
  • You should tap the “Animoji” button. There, a series of options appear. After that on right you should tap the button called «New Memojis»
  • Once you are inside, you can initiate the creation process of the memoji and place custom features on it. You can choose skin tone, hair type and color, eye color, accessories, among others.
  • After you create the memoji, press «OK»
How to create memojis: follow these steps
How to create memojis: follow these steps

These memojis can be used in an instant messaging chat, on social networks, and even in an email, among others. They can also be used during a Facetime when making a video call , making it appear instead of the user’s original face.

It is important to note that, to create personalized memojis on a computer with iOS 13 or iPad OS, the user must have an iPhone X or higher version. If you have an 11-inch or 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you can also create animated memojis.

How to create memojis on Android using Gboard?

Although there are other mobile applications to create memojis on Android, Gboard, the virtual keyboard owned by Google, already has this function in its system, so it is not necessary to install anything. In the most recent Android models, it comes by default among the installed tools and is used like a conventional keyboard, but inside it hides functions such as merging emojis and allows you to create memojis on Android. If you don’t have it by default, you can install it from Google Play. Once you have installed Gboard, you should do the following steps:

  • The first thing is to open an instant messaging app. It can be WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
  • The important thing is to look for the “Stickers” option, represented by a square icon with a smiling face and a bent corner.
  • This option displays a horizontal menu in which you must search for the icon with an irregular or abstract smiling figure. His nose is a yellow line, his eyes are combined between a circle and a crescent, and his mouth is a closed parenthesis lying in purple.
  • When entering this option, tap the “Create” button on a blue background. The system opens the selfie camera function of the virtual keyboard.
  • Then the user must take a photo framed the face between the colored squares that the system places. When ready, press the camera icon to take the picture
  • After this, Gboard automatically creates the memojis from the photo you have taken.

In addition to this, Gboard creates three custom memoji packages , which are:

  • Emoji miniatures: this package stores the user’s faces, with the main gestures of conventional emojis such as smiling, angry, crying, sad faces, among others.
  • Cute memojis: in this option, the memojis have sentimental expressions of love, affection and tenderness.
  • Sassy miniatures: Memojis adopt expressions with funny, ironic or mischievous postures and gestures.