How to change e-mail address on Instagram?

How to change e-mail address on Instagram?
How to change e-mail address on Instagram?

How to change e-mail address on Instagram? We explained the process of changing e-mail in the Instagram application step by step in this article.

If you are having trouble with your Instagram account for some reason, it is important to change your e-mail address in the Instagram account to avoid losing it completely. The process is simple and straightforward, doesn’t matter if you have been hacked or forgot your password.

Many Instagram users sign up with fake or old email addresses that they no longer use. While using fake emails is a good thing for security concerns, different problems may appear in the future.

If you used a fake email address to open an IG account, you may have trouble recovering your Instagram account. Therefore, if your Instagram is linked to one of your old email addresses that you have access, you should consider changing your Instagram account e-mail to not lose your profile.

So, if you’ve used an old or incorrect email, follow these steps to change your Instagram email:

How to change e-mail adress on Instagram?

You can change your Instagram email address on the web or through the Instagram app.

  • Go to your Instagram profile and tap “Edit profile”.
  • Your e-mail address will appear under “private information”.
  • Make sure the e-mail address is correct.
  • Tap on it to edit the email address.
  • Tap the “Done” button to complete the process.
  • After you change your Instagram email address, a confirmation mail will be sent to your new email address.
  • Open the e-mail and confirm your e-mail address.
  • Note that you cannot access your account through this email without verifying your email address.
How to change e-mail address on Instagram?
How to change e-mail address on Instagram?

How to change Instagram email address without logging in?

You can change your email address even if you are not logged into your Instagram account. But before you try this process, make sure you have access to the phone number or email you used to open the account.

Attention! If you do not have access to phone numbers or previous e-mail addresses, you may lose your account.

This is a method similar to that used to recover users’ accounts. Finally, Instagram will ask you for the new email address and phone number. At this stage, you can enter any e-mail address.

  • Open the Instagram login page.
  • Tap “I forgot my password”
  • Tap “Need more help”
  • Go back to Instagram login and enter username, number or email address
  • Instagram will transfer you to the password change page.
  • Follow the instructions up to the page to verify the email address.
  • Enter the new e-mail address and phone number.
  • Tap on Confirm.

Changing Instagram email is a straightforward process either way without and without logging in. If you can log in, go to the profile and change the email. If you cannot open the account, you should use the ‘forgot password’ option on the Instagram login page.