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How to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text?

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How to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text? Sending voice messages on WhatsApp can be very convenient. You record, send and go. But receiving audio messages is not always a good option if we are on the street or sharing in a group.

How to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text?

A solution for those situations would be to have tools that convert voice memos to text. And to make your task easier, we have created a list of options that you can use at any time.

Transcriber for WhatsApp

Transcriber for WhatsApp application is still in testing but it already has thousands of downloads, becoming one of the most popular options. You just have to install it and follow a few steps to achieve the goal of converting audio to text.

The first step is to choose the audio that you want to convert to text in your WhatsApp account and select “Share”. The shortcut menu to share will appear and you choose Transcriber for WhatsApp. Once that option is made, you will see that the app automatically transcribes the text of the audio.

How to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text?
How to convert WhatsApp voice notes to text?

It is a simple process that you can repeat as many times as you want without complicating yourself. And you will see the results in the moment, so you can respond to the message as if you had heard the audio.

One detail to keep in mind is that the app does not always work in a stable way and you will see that the transcription has some imperfections. Maybe sometimes you have to insist that I go through the process


Moving on to a solution for those who use WhatsApp from the iPhone, we find Transcryto.

It also has very simple dynamics and transcribes any audio without problems. Once you download it, open your WhatsApp account, choose the voice memo and use the share menu to select the application.

The process is automatic and works great on any audio. In case you need it for long audios you will have to go through the box, since that option is part of the premium functions. And you can not only use it with WhatsApp, it is useful with any app.


Another interesting option for iPhone users is Transcribe. This application is a very practical tool to transcribe any type of audio regardless of the platform it belongs to. And it has the plus of performing the same process with the audio of the videos.

It offers up to 15 minutes of free transcription, then you will have to pay to continue using the functions of the app.

Audio to Text for WhatsApp

This iPhone application has the advantage of working without an internet connection. The process is similar to the apps that we already mentioned, it uses the “Share” option to take the audio from the voice notes and make the transcription to text in its own interface.

You can also use this app for Line, Telegram or any other messaging service. It is simple, practical and has an offline mode.

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