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WhatsApp’s new advanced search menu launched

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WhatsApp‘s new advanced search menu launched. A tool of massive presence in the market, which is also multiplatform and which for many is almost the only way to talk to according to which contacts on the agenda. An app that already prepares a new function for Android that they have been using for months on iOS.

One of the few applications capable of opening newscasts when it suffers a drop in service that is already testing the arrival of new functions for the version that can be downloaded on Android from the Google Play Store. A functionality available in the beta version that allows access to a developed search menu very much like the one that can be used in iOS and that serves as the cover for this article.

WhatsApp's new advanced search menu launched
WhatsApp’s new advanced search menu launched

How to access advanced search menu?

WhatsApp is working on improving the search function within chat conversations by adding elements that allow you to filter searches. So we can determine if we want to search for photos, text, video, GIF, audio, documents etc.

In order to access this new improvement, to this advanced search menu, it is necessary to have the latest version of WhatsApp, the one with the number or higher. If you already have it installed and not the time, you can try to delete the application and reinstall it, but not before making a backup copy so as not to lose the stored conversations.

This step, reinstallation, allows the most up-to-date server configurations to be downloaded. If this is the case and you still do not see it (it has happened to me), you will have to wait for it to reach your phone because it is a gradual and progressive deployment.

With the arrival of this advanced search menu we can gain valuable seconds when it comes to finding content in our conversations without having to see other data that is not of our interest in the process.

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