Create a business profile page on Facebook

Create a business profile page on Facebook

A Facebook page is a way to help a business, provide information and above all create an interaction with the public that follows the site. In this tutorial we will explain how to create a business profile page on Facebook.

Pages can be customized, adding applications, organizing events, etc. The daily publication on the Facebook page will make the public interact and attract more followers. It is possible to create and manage a Facebook page from the user’s account.

If instead of creating a personal profile a business account is created directly, it will be possible to better manage the pages and ad campaigns. In addition, you can see the public information of other Facebook users but you can only interact on behalf of the business account. Another feature is that business accounts do not appear in searches, they do not allow you to send or receive friend requests, or create applications.

How to create a business profile page on Facebook?

To create a page on Facebook from a personal profile, the following steps must be performed:

  • First it is necessary to enter the Facebook account with the username and password,
  • Then go to the following link:
  • Once inside, you have to choose the type of page to create, for example a Brand or product page.
  • Once this option is clicked, you must select a category, give the page a name and accept the conditions of Facebook pages.
  • Then click the Start button.

How to fill your business page details on Facebook?

Subsequently, the steps listed below must be completed.

  • Complete the information on the page as well as associating a website to achieve better positioning. In turn, you will wonder if it is a real company, product or brand.
  • Click on save information to go to the second section.
  • Upload your profile photo.

The process is now finished and a business profile page is created on Facebook.