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Q&A baseCategory: QuestionsI can't re-link my Instagram to my Facebook Page
Mary J. asked 3 months ago

This morning I unintentionally unlinked my facebook page from instagram and now I want to link it again and I get the message: “The Facebook page you tried to add is already owned by another business. You can request access to this page but the owner must approve your request. ” Without giving me any button to request access to the page.
Everything I’ve tried:
Uninstall and clear cache apps.
Remove linking from FB Pages.
Go to personal account, try to link to FB and then again to professional, losing ALL statistics.
Nothing works for me. I can not find anywhere how to solve it. 

1 Answers
Jawad Wallace Staff answered 3 months ago

From what I see the problem is more of Facebook than of Instagram because that is where the error appears. It must be that for some reason this has been registered and that is why it does not allow you to link it again.
You can enter the browser in private mode and re-enter the username and password for each of the accounts.
If you see that after all this the problem is still unsolved, it is best that you contact the Facebook service to see if they can help you.