Xiaomi abandons Android One: there will be no Xiaomi Mi A4

Xiaomi abandons the Android One program after three generations and there will be no Xiaomi Mi A4 this year, as the company itself has confirmed.

Xiaomi is one of the brands that have bet on Android One on their phones. The Chinese brand has left us with three generations of phones that came with this version of the operating system, without a layer of customization. A fourth generation was expected, with the Xiaomi Mi A4, although it seems that there is a change of plans.

According to various media reports, Xiaomi abandons the Android One program. The Chinese brand would not launch this model using this version of the operating system without its own personalization layer, there will be no Mi A4. A decision that is surely a disappointment for many users.

Xiaomi abandons the Android One program

The Xiaomi Mi A range of phones has been known to make a dent in the market in recent years. Since they are presented as a series of devices that give a pure Android experience, while also maintaining a very tight price. The previous three generations worked well in the market, but with the brand it now abandons this range.

The company itself has confirmed that they will not launch more phones with Android One. This means that there will be no Xiaomi Mi A4 on the market, since this range of phones was exclusive for those models that use this version of the operating system. For now, no specific reason has been given why the brand has decided to abandon this project and this range of phones.

One of the main problems of the previous Android One phones of the brand have been the updates. A clear example is the Xiaomi Mi A3, which has had many problems with the update to Android 10, in addition to having suffered many delays. Something that the previous models also suffered. In addition, these phones took a long time to update, despite having Android One giving them early access, normally.

A change of importance on the part of the brand and that surely disappoints many users. Xiaomi is also not the only one that is moving away from this initiative. Since Motorola, another of the brands that bet on it on their phones, has been launching phones with its own interface. Now only Nokia remains as the main brand that uses Android One.