RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch: What is it, how can you install?

RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch What is it, how can you install

You may have heard about the Nintendo Switch hack (jailbreak), and RCM Loader is one of the tools that can be used to do it. One of the most famous tools for this is the SX Pro by Team Xecuter, but there are also similar products such as R4S dongle or Acens Pro. In this article we will explain what is RCM loaderr and how can you install payload on Nintendo Switch…

There are many Switch modchips for you to choose, R4S Dongle, AceNS launcher, SX Pro, SX Gear and other cheaper clones. The SX Pro seems like the best choice, it can boot SX OS CFW on your Switch with drag and drop operation, then you can play free games, install and use homebrew apps, and expand Switch storage up to 4TB with the support for External USB Device, so using a HDD basicly.

The SX Pro is the world first Nintendo Switch hacking tool and it is a complete kit which includes SX OS license, SX Pro dongle, or SX Gear if sold separately, and SX Jig. In this setup, SX Gear functions as a RCM loader.

For your comparison here are the SX Gear features

• Compatible with the SX OS code and the third-party payload.
• Supports booting CFW payloads on Switch to run custom firmware.
• Enables loading SX OS CFW on different Switch consoles.
• Lower price with the same quality SX Pro dongle and jig.
• Plug and play.
• Continuous support from Team Xecuter.

RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch What is it, how can you install

Nintendo Switch RCM Loader features

• Compatible with all Nintendo Switch consoles manufactured before June 2018.
• Nintendo Switch is designed to transfer payload.bin files to your console.
• You can transfer Atmosphere, ReiNX and SXOS payload files with one click change.
• It is a rechargeable device. You can send payload 1.000 times with 1 hour charge.
• Easy to use,  it will automatically be recognized as a memory card when you connect it to a computer or smartphone.
• Compatibility with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android operating systems.

Nintendo Switch RCM Loader introduction scheme

RCM Loader for Nintendo Switch What is it, how can you install

RCM Loader can become clogged very rarely. In such cases, it is necessary to reset. The reset point is shown in the diagram above.

How to use Nintendo Switch RCM Loader?

1) Nintendo Switch Take the necessary files into the micro SD card you use (Atmosphere, reinx or SXOS If you choose which of the crushing process files that belong to him install it on your micro SD memory card)
Micro recommend that you format as exFAT the format of your SD card it is. Because this is necessary so that you can throw files larger than 3.7GB at a time.

2) Plug the RCM Loader dongle and RCM jig attachment into Nintendo Switch .
RCM LoaderThe USB charging socket part of the Switch will be attached to the RCM jig and the right joy-con part of the Switch .

3) Press and hold the volume up key (+) and power keys simultaneously (press the volume up key first). By pressing the power and volume up keys at the same time, you will start the CFW breaking process. Text or pictures appear, indicating that the process has started. Remove the RCM Loader and RCM Jig attachments from the Nintendo Switch after passing the visuals such as text and images and reaching the main menu .

4) Enjoy the latest games and homebrew apps!

Which payload files are installed on RCM Loader?

All payload released so farfiles are installed. You can switch between payload files according to your needs.

In the table below , according to the lights of RCM Loader , which CFW breaking process is used in colors. Short press the + button on the RMC Loader shows you which CFW you are in.

If you hold down the + button for 3 seconds, it switches to the payload of the next system. This is how you will switch between Atmosphere, ReiNX and SXOS.

Low battery warning: If the battery level of RCM LOADER has dropped, you can understand it as follows; RCM LoaderIf you press the + button on it for a short time, it flashes red and green, which means that the battery is about to run out. Charge for 1 hour and have a  3-month stand by time for 3 months.

Uploading payload files to Nintendo Switch RCM Loader

First, connect the Nintendo Switch RCM Loader to your computer, it will see it as a flash disk.
After getting to know your computer, upload your payload file in the required field.