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Information technology (IT) jobs with the highest salary

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Jobs in the information technology sector are constantly increasing, here is the list of IT jobs with the highest salary.

The information technology sector is one of the most professionals has been recruiting in recent years, a fact that represents a clear reflection of the trends that the future of employment holds for us. Experts in this area have a great capacity to work offshoring, however, it is not always easy to hire them, since they are very clear about the type of projects they want to face. In addition, it is very common that they are constantly tempted, with salary improvements, by other companies, which makes it essential to engage them to achieve business success.

At a first glance it is reflected that the software engineers are the ones with the most in-demand profile today. However, cloud computing, machine learning and IOT (Internet of Things), in addition to Big Data, are some of the trends that are on the rise and that more workers will need in the near future.

Thus, the need for the most cutting-edge companies to establish a more direct, personalized and effective relationship with their clients reflects that data is the new oil. For this reason, data scientists, data analysts and cybersecurity will be some of the most sought-after professional profiles, the case of cybersecurity experts being the most important of all, both for the protection of the company and to improve trust with the clients.

What are companies looking for in IT jobs?

When it comes to finding a job, it is important to know what companies value. If we can demonstrate that we are good in these fields, we will increase the chances of being hired.

According to a study carried out by InfoJobs – ESADE, this is what they value most when hiring staff. It is what is known as soft skills, or daily use skills:

Ability to work in a team (70%)
Resolve conflicts (57%)
Make decisions (46%)
Adapt to change (44%)
Communicate effectively (43%)

And these are the skills that companies consider more difficult to find, and therefore the most desired:

Ability to make decisions (57%)
Resolve conflicts and problems (56%)
Pressure tolerance (44%)
If you are looking for a job you should strive to improve those skills, to increase the chances of being hired.

The list of the highest paying jobs in information technology (IT)

Big data engineer

Median salary for a big data engineer: $163,250

Mobile applications developer

Median salary for a mobile applications developer: $146,500

Information systems security manager

Median salary for an information systems security manager: $143,250

Applications architect

Median salary for an applications architect: $141,250

Data architect

Median salary for a data architect: $141,250

Database manager

Median salary for a database manager: $133,500

Data security analyst

Median salary for a data security analyst: $129,000

Software engineer

Median salary for a software engineer: $125,750

Wireless network/cloud engineer

Median salary for a wireless network/cloud engineer: $123,750

Data scientist

Median salary for a data scientist: $125,25

Senior web developer

Median salary for a senior web developer: $123,000

Site reliability engineer

Median salary for a site reliability engineer: $122,000

Systems engineer

Median salary for a systems engineer: $106,000

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