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Is there a parallel universe, let’s check what NASA says about it

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What is NASA really saying about this parallel universe and what effect would a discovery of this magnitude have?

A parallel universe where time runs backwards; could it be more than the plot of a comic book or a science fiction movie, a theory confirmed by NASA?

Recently, in some international media it emerged that the US Agency was conducting scientific research around it.

Information that quickly went viral on social networks, but where does this rumor or hypothesis really come from? How should we call this?

How did people start to speculate about NASA and a parallel universe?

No, it is not about the complex, but exciting plot of the Marvel Multiverse even if it looks like it is.

The origin of this information was rather an article published in a scientific journal called New Scientist, under the title: We may have discovered a parallel universe that goes backwards in time.

The author is researcher Peter Gorham, professor of physics at the University of Hawaii, who is part of the research team in charge of the Antarctic Transitive Boost Antenna (ANITA).

This antenna is a radio telescope that supposedly detected ultra-high energy cosmic ray neutrinos that did not come from the sky, as expected, but from the ground.

These specialized terms mean, the truth is that one of the possible explanations for such a phenomenon is that the neutrinos have come from a parallel universe.

In other words, one of the possible reasons for the transformation and retransformation of neutrinos is the existence of a parallel universe, created at the same time as ours, during the ‘Big Bang’, but which is in constant contraction; contrary to ours, which is expanding.

The denials

Now, what role does NASA play in all this? Actually, that is an even bigger mystery than that of the parallel universe.

And is that the aforementioned scientist Peter Gorham does not work for the agency, but is part of a research project funded by NASA, hence possibly the link that was misinterpreted.

However, to make things clearer, the US agency has not commented on it.

This means that we do not have the confirmation of this organism to boast of having discovered a parallel universe.

So we will have to continue fantasizing about the possibility, through the Marvel movies that we hope will soon be reactivated again.

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