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The best secure and encrypted video conference software

The best secure and encrypted video conference software

In this article, we list the best secure video conference software with strong encryption features. With the coronavirus epidemic, companies are experiencing a rapid transition to home office model, and those who have not yet been able to, they stopped their business trips and carry some of their meetings online.

There are many applications that you can use to chat or hold meetings over the internet for years, but recently, video calls have become more productive and entertaining for meetings, as broadband internet is accessible for the households throughout the world and these software has gained many new features as well.

Security can be more important in business calls compared to personal calls, especially as corporate video meetings can contain critical information. The video conference software Zoom, which became very popular with its free version supporting many users at once and with its high image quality, has been hit by two topics about privacy and security.

First of all, we learned that Zoom shares data with third parties including Facebook without a user consent, and then we learned that it didn’t use end-to-end encryption as it marketed itself. A user from US filed a lawsuit against the company, even though the company announced that they stopped sharing unauthorized personal data.

The most secure video conference apps

E2E encryption is important in order to protect your corporate information and it can make sure that no one can listen to your calls. All of these software that we list supports end to end encryption, so here are they…

Microsoft Teams features, security and price

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams can be used for both teleconferencing and collaboration. It offers 1:1 interviews, team meetings and live events up to 10,000 people.

You can switch from group call to video conference with only one click and phone calls can also be integrated into the meetings. Chat, online meetings, tasks and Word, PowerPoint, Excel fiiles can be shared through a single interface. All these content can be backed up in the cloud and can be accessed at any time as well.

Teams supports background blurring so that you can remain private or have a better look in business meetings, a fun chat environment can also be created with live subtitles, GIF, emoticon, and sticker support.

The service, which also offers mobile device support, can be used free of charge in organizations up to 300 people and offers features such as 1 GB storage per user, 10 GB shared storage. Upon transition to the pro package, it gains 1 TB storage per user, scheduled meetings, meeting recording, phone calls and audio conferencing, online video conferencing for up to 250 people, and online event support for up to 10,000 people.

Microsoft Teams is included in Office 365 Business Starter with 5 USD/month and Office 365 Business Extra with 12.50 USD/month .

Learn more about Microsoft Teams and download:

ClickMeeting features, security and price


Targeting small and medium-sized businesses, ClickMeeting stands out with its customization functions. In addition to in-team communication tools for remote work, remote education, online audio and video calls are also possible.

ClickMeeting has 4 different sound modes: Listening, Q&A, discussion and private.  The software allows desktop sharing, document collaboration and you can share presentations too.

It is also possible to turn the conversation into an event by broadcasting live on Facebook and YouTube.

The free version supports online meetings up to 5 people, webinars up to 25 participants, 5 audio broadcasts and 4 video broadcastsi. If you decide to get the paid ClickMeeting package, you can have unlimited video conferencing and webinars, 25 audio broadcasts and 4 video broadcasts for 25 dollars per month. In addition, there is an Automated package, which allows live, automatic and optional webinars, which is 40 dollars per month.

Learn more about ClickMeeting and download it:

Signal features, security and price


The open source messaging app Signal, got very popular after Edward Snowden told he uses and supports it. It has voice and video calling feature, that can be used on mobile devices and desktop systems including Linux.

Signal offers features such as SMS, text messages, voice and video messages, and you can send disappearing messages. The software offers privacy and anonymity at once, because you can use it without a phone number.

Signal is completely free and doesn’t show ads.

Learn more about Signal and download it:

Wire features, security and price


Another open source software, Wire, works with a team model. It is possible for the team manager to add and remove people, access and delete history.

It supports unlimited group chats for up to 128 people, also provides video and voice calls for up to 10 people.

With Wire, you can securely share files and there is no filetype restriction. In addition, up to 10 people can share their screens, you can synchronize files and text, audio and video calls between devices, and send disappearing messages.

Wire is completely free and can be used on all platforms.

Learn more about Wire and download it: