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Apple will close all its stores in China because of coronavirus

Apple will close all of its stores in China due to coronavirus epidemic.

Coronavirus has become a threat to global health, a reality that has been described by the World Health Organization as a public health emergency of international importance.

China took drastic measures to try to stop the spreading of the coronavirus. Among them are the isolating entire cities, and also the closure of factories.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus occurred, the number of deaths amounted to 250, a figure that had a significant increase in just one week. And now the impact of the virus is also seen on the production chain for tech companies.

Apple stored will be closed until February 9

Samsung and Foxconn are amongst the companies that stopped production in Wuhan. Another company that is affected by the coronavirus in China is Apple.

Tim Cook has told the investors that Apple will close all its official stores and the corporate offices it has in China until at least February 9 because of the coronavirus.

This date could change if it is required, and could be extended if the situation in the country does not improve.

Apple has not been the only foreign company that has decided to take such measures because of the coronavirus.

Other multinationals such as Starbucks and McDonald’s have carried out temporary closures to help reduce the impact and spread of this dangerous epidemic.

On the other hand, many other companies have decided to resort to teleworking to continue their operations and reduce damages and losses as much as possible.

Apple might even stop production in Wuhan alltogether

Apple, and many technology companies, have a very strong dependence on China both for the sale and for the manufacture of their products, so these closing measures could end up hurting them significantly if they go on longer than expected.

Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, said they are developing mitigation plans to deal with the possible loss of production of their suppliers in Wuhan.