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Android devices will record calls through the Phone app

Google is planning to add a feature that can record telephone calls in the Phone application for Android smartphones.

The new feature is discovered in the beta version of the Phone application by XDA Developers. Officially, the option is not yet available, but it already works pretty good.

How will it work?

Google created a button to record calls in the Phone application interface on Android. When the user clicks on it, the other party will hear the notification “This call is being recorded” and the recording will start. When recording is stopped, the user at the other end of the conversation will also hear a voice signal showing that the recording has ended. Before you use this feature, the smartphone will show a warning that recording a conversation may result in a legal liability.

The consent text is like this: “When using the call recording feature, you are responsible for complying with applicable laws related to the recording of calls. Please be aware that many jurisdictions require the consent of both parties for such recording.”

Which Android phones will support call recording?

You can listen to the recordings in the Recents tab of the Phone application. Audio can also be sent to someone in .wav format. In the future, Google may begin to provide transcripts of records. It is reported that the new feature is likely to first appear on the company’s Pixel smartphones, then will be available to other devices.