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The best of new and free Shopify apps for your e-commerce shop

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New Shopify apps can sometimes go unnoticed due to the lack of reviews, so we are listing the best new and the free ones for you. To differentiate yourself from the competition and complete more sales on Shopify, you need to take advantage of the app ecosystem.

In this article, we will tell you all about new applications that will allow you to address your problems related to the delivery, ads, customer service management and promo codes . You just have to download and install them to your online store!

Best new and free Shopify apps

We listed the best of the new Shopify applications that are free. These apps will allow you to find new keywords, have mobile CRM, ship your packages simply, manage your promo codes etc.

Google Ads Keyword Genius

For those who do not know, the Google Ads tool allows you to select keywords to show your ads to an audience relevant to your activity. Well the new Shopify Google Ads Keyword Genius application, you can find new keywords to increase your site traffic and convert your prospects into customers!

In addition, it allows you to optimize your bids. A significant time saving tool when you think that this task can take a long time, and we recommended you to perform multiple tests to find the winning combinations.

Download Shopify app Google Ads Genius here.

SMS Marketing Automation

This new module, allows you to send automatic SMS whenever a buyer leaves his basket from his mobile device. It also allows you to plan SMS campaigns to re-engage existing customers and generate more sales.

Finally, pop-up forms (optimized for mobile) allow you to enrich your customer database and collect their phone numbers to build SMS marketing scenarios . These forms can be integrated into your e-commerce store, to wherever you wish.

Download Shopify app SMS Marketing Automation here.

awesome a free and new app for shopify


Awesome app allows you to present all your special offers and promotional codes to shoppers via pop-up, with a rather nice design! The app helps manage multiple coupons easily from a single interface. Within the “coupon area”, you can add or remove coupons and these changes are updated in real time.

Download Shopify app Awesome here.


According to a Google survey from January 2019, 50% of e-shoppers say that the images on the e-commerce sites help them decide on which product to choose. Videos are also very effective on turning visitors into buyers. Now you no longer need to be a video professional to highlight the products you sell on your Shopify store.

Promo.com’s app lets you create promotional videos for your products in minutes. You can choose the photo you want to highlight, and basic things like color and text. You can also highlight your customer reviews to underline the benefits of your products.

Once the video is made, you can integrate it directly into a product page on your online store, or even on your social media channels!

Download Shopify app Promo.com here.

Product Recommendation Quiz

Looking for an alternative to the classic search bar that appears at the top of websites? Today, people are looking for “THE” product. This module does the work of a store advisor: It guides customers from the beginning of the purchase journey and help them to fulfill their expectations by helping them to choose according to their needs. But how? With a quiz. The app asks your customers a series of questions, analyzes their answers and offers a selection of products that will “match” their desires.

Download Shopify app Product Recommendation Quiz here.


Call to Action or CTA buttons have crucial importance in e-commerce. Without them, you can’t collect emails, you cant get your products shared on social media and you can’t sell anything. This app optimizes your CTA buttons for mobile , and makes them sticky, so the button stays wherever the user scrolls, they are always visible regardless of the device they use (mobile or desktop).

CTA Now offers a complete dashboard so you can follow the performance of your CTA buttons in real time.

Download Shopify app CTA Now here.

Code Customizer

This module is easy to use for e-merchants. You can add scripts (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels etc.), styles, or check headers tags in seconds.

The app can also allow you to add HTML code to your pages. And a little extra: A code corrector indicates the errors on your source codes.

Download Shopify app Code Customizer here.


If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to communicate with your customers one on one via their preferred channels, then Chaty it is! With this app, you can add a widget to your store with a button that can open a communication channel through Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype etc.

There are 19 channels available and with this app, you can continue to chat with them, even when they are no longer on your store.

Download Shopify app Chaty here.

Snow a new and free app for Shopify


In the digital age, what could be more natural than being able to send the right message to the right person at the right time? This is precisely what you can do with this new Shopify app -interact with your customers via targeted messages in real time and with a design and an interface that is intuitive.

You can create notifications for your customers (personalized with your brand colors) with a personalized message. You can also announce news through the app. You can create messages based on what the customer is interested in your online store.

Download Shopify app Snow here.

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