Netflix launches its new Downloads for you feature

Netflix launches its new 'Downloads for you' feature

More than two years ago, smart downloads came to Netflix, a feature that until now was limited to downloading the chapters of the series you were watching offline. Starting today, it will also automatically download series and movies you haven’t watched.

Netflix with the new ‘Downloads for you’ feature premiered on Android devices, the streaming service wants you to always have a new movie or series available to watch even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Netflix launches ‘Downloads for you’: How to set up the new auto-download of series and movies based on your tastes?

The Downloads for your section will automatically download a personalized selection of series and movies based on your tastes, and that selection will be updated throughout the week.

Netflix launches its new 'Downloads for you' feature
Netflix launches its new ‘Downloads for you’ feature

This new feature is disabled by default and it is the user who has to enable it from the ‘Downloads’ tab. There, a new presentation screen allows us to start configuring the auto-downloads.

If we decide to activate the auto-downloads we have to choose how many GB of movies and series we want to download to our mobile. For example, 3GB of space will offer us about 12 hours of content.

Once the auto-downloads are activated we can go to the complete configuration, where we can assign the storage to each user and activate/deactivate the download of the next episodes or the download of the selection of movies and series.

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