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Chrome shows a button to follow websites

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Chrome shows a button to follow websites now. People who want to follow the news of a website have several resources to do so. One can use a newsreader, such as Feedly, or Flipboard, to give two examples, or subscribe to the website’s newsletter, if available. There are also social networks and Chrome notifications, but it seems that Google wants to give you an additional option integrated into the browser for android.

You can see the “Follow” button that is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome, in the development version in the image below.

Chrome shows a button to follow websites
Chrome shows a button to follow websites

Google already allows us to follow specific topics using the Google app so that in the Discover feed you see topics of our interest. Those topics will also appear in the “Discover” feed on the Chrome New Tab page on Android, but the recent update to the Canary channel brings a “Follow” option that no one expected.

At the moment the button does not work, as indicated in the chrome story, it is still in the early stages of development, but users have already begun to wind their imagination, hoping that it is a kind of feed reader, like the old google reader, which automatically detects the RSS of the media in front of us.

The only way to find out how these options works is to wait for the next releases of Chrome Canary and test it, so it is best to have some patience before imagining how it works. We think this is an additional resource to customize the news feed in Google Discover, to avoid continuing to distribute the information in different channels.

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