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Realme 7 Pro and 7i update to Android 11 beta

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The Realme 7 Pro and Realme 7i are starting to update to Android 11 beta based on Realme UI 2.0, the customization layer of the Chinese company in its latest version. These are two of the Realme’s flagship products, so it’s great news that they are upgrading to the latest version.

The version that is arriving is the beta, based on Android 11 and version 2.0 of the Realme customization layer. This is the first public testing phase for this version, so there would still be a few weeks left until the stable version reaches all users.

Android 11 beta lands on the affordable Realme models

The Realme 7 Pro and Realme 7i are updating to Android 11 based on Realme UI 2.0, first in its beta version. In the case of the Realme 7i is a ROM in early access (a beta that reaches only a small group of users who requested access).

However, for Realme 7 Pro the version is the Open Beta, so any user can apply and test this version. These versions are not as stable as Android 10, so you should think before changing the current version for one of these betas, designed to collect bugs and make the final version as correct as possible.

Realme UI 2.0 brings new features both in terms of interface and operation, with Android 11 functions and the latest security measures. We will still have to wait for the stable version, but this beta is great news for these two mid-range Realme.

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