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Google Messages lets you create events without leaving the chat room

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Google will power its Messages app to let you create events without leaving the chat room.

The messaging app has a series of social functions, chat suggestions and integration with different apps. Following this dynamic, it now adds the possibility of creating events in the Calendar.

Google Messages allows you to create events within the app

When you are chatting with your friends or a family member in the Google Messages app, you may notice a new type of suggestion or suggested action.

If your contacts mention a meeting time or date in a chat window, Messages will suggest adding the meeting as an event in Calendar. This “Create Events” suggestion will automatically appear in the chat. And just choosing this option will open the form to register the event with all the data in the chat, such as the title taken from the message, date, time, etc.

Google Messages lets you create events without leaving the chat room

If you agree with all the data loaded automatically, then you just need to save the event to add it to the rest of the activities scheduled in Calendar. And to differentiate it from other events you have created, you may benefit from the message “This event was created from a message”.

So you will not need to leave the application, open the Calendar app and save the appointment as an event. The dynamic proposed by Google Messages is simpler and will not interrupt the conversation with your contact. This dynamic will be available if the user has “Create events” enabled within the “Suggested actions” options.

And apparently, this is not the only new chat suggestion Google is testing in Messages. The app also seems to recognize when a video call is mentioned to show the option to start one on the spot, without leaving the app.

Of course, these dynamic chat actions are not always practical, as they might generate unnecessary suggestions. But it is won’t be a problem since they can be disabled from the app’s settings.

To use this feature, you can download the Google Messenger 7.2.204 beta version from APKMirror.

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