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How to download videos from Google Chrome: Best extensions

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If you don’t know how to download videos from Google Chrome, we are going to give you a list of the best extensions. How many times have you wanted to download a video? Probably many, luckily, there are ways to do it directly from your favorite browser through extensions.

Nowadays, Google has designed a lot of great extensions that make our tasks easier. The most popular ones focus on social networks, but it is also possible to find extensions to download videos from any page. We leave you with a great list.

How to download videos from Google Chrome?

Best extensions

We leave you with a list of extensions that works on Chrome.

Video Downloader Professional

This extension is ideal for downloading videos from pages such as Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and similar. Unlike programs, it has a simple operation. Once you install it in the browser, an icon will appear that detects when it is possible to download a video. It works with high-resolution videos and different formats.

Wise Video Saver

In this case, this extension focuses on downloading videos from social networks and allows you to select the format in which you want to download the video and even transform it if you need it. But what makes this extension a great option, is the possibility to download heavy, large, and high-resolution videos.

VGet Extension

This extension goes much further than the previous ones since with it you can download videos from any website regardless of weight or size. In addition, it allows you to transfer them directly to a TV through DLNA.

The bad news is that after the recent privacy policies of Youtube, it is no longer possible to download them from this site, but the rest of the pages remain available and have no problems.

Video DownloadHelper

Previously it was available only for Mozilla Firefox, but now it is possible to see it in Google Chrome. It is compatible with the most popular social networks and the vast majority of websites. Unlike the previous version, it has added features such as: creating playlists or choosing the format of the video and its quality. It offers the possibility to download more than one video at a time.

How to download videos from Google Chrome: Best extensions
How to download videos from Google Chrome: Best extensions

VLC Video Downloader

Don’t confuse it with VLC media player. This extension allows you to download videos from Google Chrome regardless of the page where it is published, except for Youtube, of course.

The advantage of this extension is that you can configure the format of the video depending on your needs and since it supports high-resolution files it allows you to enjoy high-quality content without having to spend a penny.

Video Downloader Plus

It is another popular extension in Google Chrome, it allows you to download videos from different websites and in a variety of formats depending on what you need. Like the previous ones, it doesn’t allow you to download video from Youtube either, but outside of that, you can download files from almost 99% of the websites on the Internet for free. But that’s not all, if you don’t want to see ads on the videos, this extension removes them so you can enjoy the content without interruptions.

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