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You will be able to find songs with Google Assistant now

You will be able to find songs with Google Assistant

You will be able to find songs with Google Assistant now. If you’ve woken up with a catchy tune in your head and don’t know what it is, Google’s virtual assistant can now help.

During Google’s SearchOn 2020 presentation, the company announced some interesting new features in its services. The Google Assistant, for example, can now be a male voice if we prefer, but its most interesting change is way more interesting.

Google has worked on the AI of its virtual assistant so that it recognizes those tunes that we don’t fully distinguish. Singing the song, humming or whistling, any methodology can bu used to find the title of that song.

The technique is simple, you say “Ok Google, what song is this” and wait a few seconds until the assistant starts listening. You can sing the best you can with or without lyrics. But if the song is not very famous the assistant will have difficulties to recognize it.

The process consists of a Google AI cluster that, from the cloud, analyzes the tune you are humming. As explained in Android Central, the system converts your performance into a digital waveform and with it searches through the mountain of data that was entered into the AI.

When it finds a match, it offers us a link to the YouTube video where we can see if that song is there. It’s quite possible that Google is using a version of the AI that it already uses to identify music on the Pixel Lock screen through the Now Playing feature.

Google’s algorithms have taken care of eliminating all the extra sounds of a song as instruments or lyrics and have kept the main rhythm, the one that sticks in our heads and that we have to hum for about 15 seconds to Google to help us. It’s a pretty interesting feature to play at home. You will be able to find songs with Google Assistant.