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Will Microsoft buy Nokia once again?

Will Microsoft buy Nokia again? Various types of mergers and acquisitions are nothing new in the technological world. Some of them, however, can be very surprising. This is what the latest information says that Microsoft is strongly interested in taking over Nokia, but this time in a slightly different context.

Will Microsoft buy Nokia again?

According to the latest information by research company CCS Insight, Microsoft is reconsidering the acquisition of Nokia. The latter is mainly associated with smartphones, but in this case it is not about them.

According to statisticians’ forecasts for 2021, Nokia is to be bought by one of the largest technology companies. In the context of this acquisition, mainly Intel and the aforementioned Microsoft are mentioned. The giant from Redmond already had connections with the Finnish company when it took over Nokia’s smartphone department for $7 billion in 2013. As we all know, this merger failed and Microsoft decided to sell its assets in 2015, which resulted in massive layoffs of up to 18,000 employees.

However, this time it’s about something else. Earlier, we informed that Nokia will help the company from Redmond in the work on IoT or Artificial Intelligence. Now Microsoft is mentioned as the main favorite to take over Nokia, but it is not about smartphones, but about work on network infrastructure. This decision is to be influenced, among others, by US “ban” for cooperation with Huawei in this regard.

An additional curiosity in this situation may be the contract that Nokia signed with BT, the largest British telecommunications company, for the delivery of its equipment.

Many people at Nokia may be concerned about similar moves when looking at Windows Phone’s failed attempt to dethrone Android and iOS, but in this case the situation may be slightly different. Nokia has its own contracts and solutions that allow it to stay in the telecommunications market now. Cooperation with Microsoft could only help, and the American side would also bring a lot of benefits. So we will wait and see if Microsoft will buy Nokia again, or not…