How to upload a video to Instagram TV?

How to upload a video on Instagram TV?
How to upload a video on Instagram TV?

Instagram TV is an application that allows you to share vertical videos of up to 10 minutes for casual users, and up to 60 minutes for verified users.

In this article we explain what Instagram TV is and how to upload a video to this platform.

What is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV works as a standalone application and as a new feature that integrates with Instagram. It allows users to create and share videos of up to 10 minutes or an hour, significantly extending the maximum video length of the Instagram, before the launch of IGTV, it was limited to sixty seconds.

Anyone can share their longest videos directly on IGTV. To play the content, just click on the video from the Instagram application and, as in any other publication, users can leave their comments and like the post.

As discussed above, IGTV videos are specifically designed for mobile viewing, they appear vertically and in full screen as Instagram stories.

How to upload a video on Instagram TV?
How to upload a video to Instagram TV?

How to create an IGTV account?

Before sharing your videos on this platform, you must create an Instagram TV account. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Download the Instagram TV app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign up for IGTV : If you have already logged into your Instagram account, the platform will automatically use your profile.
  3. Click the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner and click “Create a channel.”

Complete the information and you already have your account.

In case you don’t want to have an exclusive application for IGTV, don’t worry. If you have an Instagram account and its application, you can share IGTV videos on your account by clicking the ‘+’, selecting the video you want and indicating that you want it to be uploaded on Instagram TV.

What is the maximum length of a video on IGTV?

Between 15 seconds and 10 minutes for common users. Verified accounts can upload up to 60 minutes.

What is the supported video format?

Videos must be in .MP4 format.

Is there an aspect ratio limit?

Vertical videos must respect the 9:16 ratio.

Which format you should use for cover photo?

You must use a .JPG format.

Can we have more than one IGTV channel?

No, you can only have one channel per Instagram account. When you follow someone on IGTV, you automatically follow them on Instagram as well, and vice versa.

Can we advertise on IGTV?

Not for the moment. But according to Instagram, this could be an ongoing project.

How to upload a video to IGTV?

After you create your channel these are the steps to follow to upload a video to IGTV:

  • Click on your photo from the home page.
  • Click the “+” in the upper right corner.
  • Select a video – vertical format – from your library.
  • Add a title and description. Important note: just like when you add a video to YouTube or work on the SEO of your website, you must use keywords in IGTV so that the target audience can find it easily.
  • If you want, add a link to your video to direct viewers to your website or to a specific landing page.
  • Edit the cover photo and make it attractive to get more views.
  • Click publish

To analyze the results, you just have to click on the «…» button next to the likes. Then, click on “View Statistics.” There you will have access to the number of views, likes and comments.