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The Mandalorian: the second season already has a premiere date

Disney + announces the second season of the The Mandalorian, a Star Wars universe series and it will arrive on October 30.

The Disney + platform announced that  The Mandalorian, the first non-animated series in the Star wars universe, will premiere its second season on October 30.

Until now it was known that The Mandalorian haven’t been affected by the closure of Hollywood by the coronavirus and thanks to that it maintained the launch date without any delays.

Chilean Pedro Pascal  will once again be the star of this new season of “The Mandalorian”, which will include Rosario Dawson and Timothy Olyphant among his signings. In addition, Robert Rodríguez (“Open until dawn”, 1996; “Sin City”, 2005) joins as a co-director for the new episodes.

The Mandalorian is premiered in the US last November as the spearhead of the presentation of Disney +, the streaming platform of the giant Mickey Mouse. Unlike the controversy that the later ‘Star Wars’ films raised, ‘ The Mandalorian’ got good reviews from the press and, with an adventurous and western spirit, received the applause of the ever demanding fans of the saga.

The Mandalorian also became the  surprise of the Emmy nominations, where it achieved 15 nominations in which it ranked as the fifth series (tied with “Schitt’s Creek”) with more statuette options only behind “Watchmen”, “The wonderful Mrs. Maisel”, “Ozark” and “Succession”.

The Mandalorian: the second season already has a premiere date
The Mandalorian: the second season already has a premiere date

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are the main responsibles behind this television production they are already working on the third batch of episodes.

The second season of The Mandalorian will be one of the few joys that fans of Star wars have in 2020, since this will be the first year since it was released in 2015 “Star wars: The awakening of the Force”, in which there will be no galactic adventure on the big screen after the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney.

On the television other ‘Star wars’  series appear, such as one about Obi-Wan Kenobi played by Ewan McGregor; and another about Cassian Andor, who will star in Diego Luna.