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Adform celebrates 2nd year of data protection regulation, GDPR

Adform Turkey GM and MEA, APAC Sales Director Cem Eroglu

Adform, the leading companies in data management in advertising technology, celebrates the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) anniversary, gave the message that Turkey is one of the sample countries regarding the Personal Data Protection Act (KVKK).

The ethical framework on how to approach personal data becomes clear through official regulations. The European Union comes first among those who take the first step in this regard. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25, 2018, celebrated its second year and pioneered the approach in many countries.

Advertising technologies have also been criticized many times about personal data, but the privacy framework determined by GDPR finds its worth in the advertising world with the efforts of industry associations like IAB.

Adform, one of the leading companies in the GDPR adaptation in the world, emphasized the importance of data regulations in the second year of the regulation.

Speaking about the personal data Adform Turkey and MEA General Manager, Sales Director, APAC Region Cem Eroğlu, “We fulfilled the requirements of GDPR two years ago. This was followed by ICO’s ad technologies and real-time bid (RTB) report a year ago, and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) decree five months ago. Privacy is more important today than ever before, when third-party cookies are also out of use. However, these changes do not mean the end of programmatic advertising in its current form.”

Eroğlu said, “As an industry, we empower consumers by putting data integrity first and knowing how their data is collected, stored and processed. This collaboration and cross-work will also speed up our transition to more sophisticated and integrated advertising platforms, implementing comprehensive consent management solutions as a standard, without working with many third-party vendors.”

Turkey also has taken steps related to personal data in a similar period with Europe and Eroglu said that the preparation of regulations in the same year and enacted, “Turkey, by making a point of law for the protection of personal data world to discuss became one of the leading countries. Today, KVKK is also a touchstone in our country in order to protect consumers’ information and therefore their rights.”