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Google Photos begins to reach Android TV in its ambient mode

Televisions and players with Android TV begin to receive a novelty for their ambient mode, the static screen that welcomes the system before entering desktops: images from Google Photos can be anchored now. At the moment this feature is being tested with some of the user base.

Turning on the Android TV means entering the system desktop, at least until the ambient screen pops up, the one that appears when the controller is no longer used. By default, artistic photos chosen by Google appear, a content that can be minimally personalized from the Google Home application. Although there will soon be a new possibility: the Google Photos galleries. This option is currently in testing.

Android TV tests Google Photos in ambient mode

Some users with an Android TV have seen how the options of the ambient mode or ‘Ambient mode’ released compatibility with Google Photos galleries. When activating this compatibility, the static screen of the television shows personal images that rotate to offer greater customization to the system.

Once you have selected the ‘Google Photos’ option from the Home application, you can choose which albums or favorites the Android TV will show on the ambient screen , it also allows you to select recent highlights. In this way, television will become a kind of digital photo frame; offering on the screen a more personalized content than offered by default.

This feature makes the TV a big digital frame

We do not know when Google will activate the Photos function on all Android TVs as the news indicates that the current test is very limited. Nor is it possible to take any action to test it: Google activates it from the server side.