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Huawei released EMUI 10.1: Here are the phones that will get it

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The global version of the new Huawei firmware EMUI 10.1 should reach the P30, Mate 30, Mate 20, Mate Xs, Honor 20, Honor V20, Honor View20 and Honor V30 Pro.

Last March Huawei launched the new high-end P40 series with EMUI 10.1 at its core. This version of the operating system was later released as part of a closed beta program on some of the manufacturer’s devices.

Then last week both the P30 and P30 Pro received an open beta, and now those devices finally receive the stable version of the firmware. It should be noted that both phones are not the only ones receiving the update, but also the new MatePad Pro.

Huawei released EMUI 10.1 Here are the phones that will get it, how to download and install

As expected, China was the first country to obtain a stable version of EMUI 10.1 for the aforementioned teams, but it has been confirmed that in the coming months said update will be released in other regions, although the manufacturer has not revealed an estimated date of when it will happen.

Among the novelties of the new version of EMUI is a control panel for several devices, that is, a multi-device control center, which allows you to quickly connect to other devices and control household appliances.

Likewise, the MeeTime video calling application, the video app, the voice assistant Celia, are also included in EMUI 10.1. The global version of this new firmware should reach the P30, Mate 30, Mate 20, Mate Xs, Honor 20, Honor V20, Honor View20 and Honor V30 Pro .

Huawei EMUI 10.1 features

The latest operating system EMUI 10.1, brings lots of new and exciting features to compatible Huawei and Honor smartphones. Even though EMUI 10.1 update seems like a minor one, we can assure you it’s not.

First of all, the company’s voice assistant called Celia comes with this update. This is a direct competitor to Google Assistant. It can be activated by saying “Hey Celia” or pressing the power button for a second. Other notable features are MeeTime, Huawei Share, Multi-screen collaboration, Themes and Sound Booster. Here is a list of all EMUI 10.1 features.

MeeTime [Communication, Screen Sharing, Multi-Video Conferencing, Real-Time Action Camera]
Multi-screen Collaboration
Huawei Share
Cast + Wireless Projection
Sound Booster
Celia – Huawei Voice Assistant
New Themes
Multi-Device Control Panel
Performance Improvements
Security and Privacy

And if you want to install EMUI 10.1 update on your Huawei / Honor device, here is a guide for how to do it.

How to update Huawei (Honor) devices to EMUI 10.1?

You can do this in three ways.

 1. Update via Settings

The simplest method would be this, because you don’t need to download any third-party app or software.

Just go to Settings > System & Updates > Software Update > Check for updates.

Then your device will automatically search for the latest EMUI 10.1 update. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the new firmware.

2. Update via HiCare

You can also install EMUI 10.1 on your phone by using customer assistance app for Huawei devices, HiCare.

  • Download and install the HiCare app
  • Launch the app
  • Login with your Huawei ID
  • Choose your country and accept to the user agreement
  • Now, go to the Services tab and tap on Update
  • HiCare app will search for the latest update
  • Select it and tap Download and Install
  • After the installation, your device will automatically reboot to EMUI 10.1 firmware

3. Update via HiSuite

HiSuite is the official Android smart device manager tool that allows you to connect your Huawei phone with your PCThe good part is that you don’t need to install any USB Drivers for using this software.

  • Download and install the HiSuite app on PC
  • Connect your device to your PC using USB cable.
  • Run the HiSuite application.
  • You should see your device model on HiSuite app which means the connection between your device and PC has been established.
  • Click on Update icon at the bottom right.
  • The software will search for the latest updates. Select EMUI 10.1 and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Reboot your device and you are ready to use the EMUI 10.1 udpate.

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