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Everything we know about Apple Glass: Price, specs, features and release date

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This is a compilation of everything we know about the Apple Glass, the augmented reality glasses from Cupertino company: The features, specs, release date and price.

Despite the boom in services, Apple does not forget to diversify its portfolio of devices. Since the iPhone continues to report the majority of its income, it makes sense to market gadgets that depend on it (see Apple Watch, still positioned today as the best-selling smartwatch on the market). Nor can we forget the AirPods, a range that the Cupertino would reinforce with up to four models .

Now what will be next? Analysts have been insisting for months on an Oculus Quest-style virtual reality viewer (autonomous and wireless), along with smart glasses.

Jon Prosser, more than reliable source in his predictions, has revealed a lot of information about the ‘Apple Glass (how they would end up being nicknamed), including a launch price that would start from $499. And it is that the glasses can also be purchased with graduated glasses, which will significantly increase the amount.

With a planned launch between March and June 2021, the Apple Glass would have a minimalist design in polished plastic (at least its prototype, subject to variation). In fact, they would not miss versions made with noble materials, as already happened with the Apple Watch. In any case we will talk about some non-bizarre glasses that anyone can wear without attracting eyes.

As we said, the wearable will depend directly on our iPhone, in charge of data processing. This achieves a significant reduction in the weight and dimensions of the frame, while increasing autonomy. Although estimates have not been released about the useful life of Apple Glass, their wireless charging seems confirmed, placing them face down on the included base.

Another significant aspect will be the lack of cameras, a movement with which Apple tries to avoid the privacy concerns faced by Google Glass (partly responsible for its failure). Also against these, the accessory will include a glass screen, so that the information is superimposed on our environment.

Augmented reality will be, after all, the raison d’être of Apple Glass. The right temple would house a LiDAR sensor similar to the one present in the latest iPad Pro models (also rumored for the most prohibitive iPhone 12s), in charge of measuring depth with absolute precision. In this way the glasses will calculate the distance between themselves and the elements that surround us, giving rise to three-dimensional representations that will behave reliably according to the perspective.

Now, what is all this for in practice? What everyday uses justify getting with this pair of lenses? In addition to consulting the notifications of our phone on the fly, Apple is already working on a QR code system that will generate a proprietary application inherent to iOS 14 (‘Gobi’). Imagine going into an Apple Store and accessing the specifications and modeling of a product just by looking at it. Another utility is the interaction with future AirTags, some labels that affixed to any object will indicate their position (the keys are lost).

Regarding user interaction, Prosser assures that it will be produced by light touches on the temples (as is the case with AirPods for pausing playback, for example) or hand gestures in front of the windows.

The analyst closes with good news and bad news: the information shown by the glasses will only be visible to those who wear them, which will protect us from prying eyes. On the other hand, the technology will be incompatible with ultraviolet filters, so it will be necessary to wait for the second generation to wear sunglasses made in Apple.

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