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Apple Glass seems to be released in 2021

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The release date for the Apple Glass, the company’s augmented reality glasses, will be in 2021 in “limited quantities” according to Digitimes, a highly reputable Taiwanese publication. The report goes along the same lines as the revelations made by Jon Prosser days ago.

Release date of the Apple Glass

According to Digitimes, “Apple will launch its augmented reality glasses in 2021 according to sources on production lines. These would be getting ready to start small-scale production during the first half of next year.”

The full report will not be published until tomorrow but it serves as yet another confirmation of the product’s existence and apparent availability throughout 2021.

Apple Glass price

According to John Prosser, the Apple Glass will have a starting price of $499. Crystals with magnification will be paid separately. The wearable will have to depend on an iPhone, in the same way that the Apple Watch worked in its first versions.

Apple Glass expected specs

It is expected that the Apple Glass will have wireless charging, a LiDAR sensor with and both crystals would function as displays. The information could only be seen by the person who has the glasses on, without reflecting the screens outwards.

A similar presentation strategy with Apple Watch

Apple seeks to present the augmented reality glasses at the September 2020 event, but it will most likely be delayed due to restrictions on organizing events due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Most likely, they will appear in March 2021.

Prosser also ensures that, although Apple Glass will be presented next year, the general availability will be months later, close to the autumn of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. The objective is to follow a strategy similar to the launch of the Apple Watch in 2014.

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