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Adding contacts to WhatsApp can be done with QR codes now

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The famous instant messaging application WhatsApp has included in Android an innovation that was recently released by the iPhone beta: QR codes. Designed to facilitate contact instead of entering new numbers in the phonebook, simply scan the QR code from the other phone.

The mobile number not only opens the door for us to call us by phone, it is also the gateway to WhatsApp. Since most people use the app on their phone, just knowing anyone’s number is enough to send them messages . Aside from privacy concerns (which should be kept in mind), adding a new number to the phonebook is a somewhat cumbersome process; Hence, a QR code solves much of the inconvenience.

And that is the reason why WhatsApp has just introduced them in the Android beta: it is now much easier to chat with people who do not yet have our number.

Scan the QR code and you can contact other person’s WhatsApp

The novelty began to take effect earlier in the week in the iPhone application and now we have it available in the Android beta. It is not necessary to be in the latest version since WhatsApp activates the QR from the server side , but it does have to have one of the latest beta versions.

The novelty of the QR code has begun to appear in some users who have the Android beta installed. We already have it on our mobiles, so you should also have the new QR codes. If they do not appear to you, it is only a matter of time: WhatsApp is currently activating them, so they will come gradually.

Adding contacts to WhatsApp can be done with QR codes now

To use the new WhatsApp QR codes, do the following

  • You must go to the menu by tapping to three dots on the top and enter the application settings.
  • You will see that a small QR icon that has appeared to the right of your name . Tap there.
  • Your QR code will open so that anyone can chat with you on WhatsApp just by scanning it. To help with the task, the screen will raise the brightness automatically.
  • The other person must go through the same process and tap on ‘Scan code in the upper corner. Then just point the camera to the QR code and the number will be added you to your phone.
  • In case you want to send the QR, you can do it from the share icon, top right.

Using a QR code, anyone can add your number to their phone with a quick scan. To cancel using QR code in WhatsApp, you must tap the three dots menu (in the QR code section) and then tap Reset QR code. This way, no one else will be able to add you with the old code, nor will they know your phone number.

The QR codes are already in the beta of WhatsApp for Android, a previous step to reach the stable version. You can use them right now if you have one of the latest betas. Of course, so that they can add you (or you add other contacts) everyone needs a beta with active QR codes.

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