Zoom introduces waiting room and passwords against zoom bombing

Zoom introduces waiting rooms and passwords against zoom bombing

Zoom has stricter security measures are designed to prevent unwanted guests in conferences. Attending a meeting now only works over two new ways.

The video conferencing service Zoom is currently popular for school, leisure and home office. At the same time there is a huge criticism. In particular, “zoom bombing” has thrown a bad rep about the service in recent days.

What is Zoom bombing?

Zoom bombing means that strangers can join in conferences they are not invited, because meeting IDs are easy to guess.

How did Zoom respond?

Now Zoom responds and introduces waiting rooms and passwords for meetings as standard. Accordingly, Zoom announced the changes on Friday afternoon to the users.

Password obligation
Anyone wishing to attend a meeting must now enter a password. So guessing an ID is no longer enough. The password should go out with the invitation email for the corresponding meeting. For spontaneous conferences, it is displayed in the zoom client.

Waiting rooms
In addition, participants must be manually activated by the meeting host. Until that happens, they are in a virtual waiting room. The waiting rooms already existed, but from now on they are activated by default.

Other criticisms remain

However, zoom bombing is not the only reason for the current criticism of the service. While Zoom advertises that calls and meetings are secured with end-to-end encryption, Zoom only uses TLS instead.

In order to respond to the numerous criticisms , Zoom’s CEO already announced that it would not be releasing any new features in the coming months, but rather focusing on privacy and security.

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