Huawei wants Google to add its apps to AppGallery like with Apple

by Jawad Wallace

The Chinese tech giant Huawei wants Google to add its apps to their branded application store, AppGallery, just like they with Apple on iOS. Huawei introduced its new flagships Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro and  Huawei P40 Pro+ recently.  And these models too do not have Google services.

What’s next

The manufacturer’s chairman of board, Eric Xu explained how they are going to proceed. Despite developing their own applications and application store which can not use any of the Google services, Huawei still hopes to have an ongoing cooperation with Google.

Eric Xu says Google can host its applications in Huwei’s branded store, AppGallery (similar to the Google Play Store). As an example he cited Google’s collaboration with Apple:

We we hope that Google apps will be available through the AppGallery store as Google’s mobile applications are available through the Apple AppStore.

No one knows whether Google is interested in this offer. But Huawei is counting on further cooperation with Google. In the last year, due to US sanctions, Huawei’s revenue fell 10 billion dollars compared to previous year.

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