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Facebook Gaming will help streamers fight trolls

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Facebook is trying to give streamers more possibilities to enforce social standards than trolls. That’s why the social media company introduced tools that include the ability to set policies that viewers must accept before posting.

In this way, streamers will avoid any misunderstandings resulting from not knowing the regulations of a given transmission. Also, people who break the law or do not follow these rules can be silenced or banned.

Facebook Gaming fights trolls with tools

Facebook Gaming will help streamers fight trolls with new toolkit and rulesThose who have spent any time on Twitch or read comments on YouTube know how toxic some communities can be.

Facebook hopes to fight the trolls by equipping streamers with tools to enforce social rules.

The social media giant has worked with the Fair Play Alliance to set out the principles and guidelines that they can use.

These tools include chat rules. And by establishing these rules, the streamers will be able to avoid involuntary trolling.

The user will know what is allowed and what is not in the stream from the beginning.

The rules for fighting Facebook Gaming trolls

Be accepting: Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or ability.

Respect boundaries: Don’t make advances or comments on appearance that might make someone uncomfortable.

Don’t criticize: We all have different styles—don’t judge someone’s gameplay or game choice.

Don’t be rude: Don’t intentionally provoke, threaten or insult anyone. We’re all here to have fun.

Don’t flood the chat: Keep the conversation going, but don’t repeatedly send the same comments.

Don’t self promote: We’re not here for a sales pitch. Stay focused on the stream.

Keep it clean: If it’s shocking, obscene, vulgar or inflammatory, leave it out.

No profanity

How will the streamers use benefit from new rules?

Streamers will access the toolkit rules through a Chat Rules button in Streamer Dashboard. Up to now, the chat rules resided page description and at the bottom of the stream. With the new toolkit, the rules will be more visible.

The company is going to update the rules for Facebook Gaming and expand them based on the feedback from creators.

This features will be used by a limited number of users before it is available to everyone in the coming months.

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